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Our vision is for all children in the developing world to receive a quality education which unlocks their potential for educational success and future prosperity. 


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Redearth Education aims to give every boy and girl child the opportunity to thrive at school. We work to build the capacity & confidence of primary teachers in East Africa, motivating them to improve their practice and empowering them to effect change in their schools.

We are creating a chain of learning amongst local teachers, enabling them to train & support their colleagues and embed knowledge of best teaching practices within their schools.

Our teaching strategies make lessons more engaging, exciting and effective. Children become more motivated and inspired to learn and the quality of their education improves, as do their life chances.




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Every day, thousands of children fill the small, dark classrooms of rural Uganda, eager to learn about the world around them. But sadly, 80% of them will never finish primary school….

Our projects and programmes are closely interlinked and provide a model through which each aspect is supported and enhanced by others.


From Continued Professional Development (CPD) workshops to creating a supportive network of local teachers, our programmes aim to empower, motivate and inspire schools, and bring about better learning for primary school pupils.


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SUSTAINABILITY is at the heart of everything Redearth Education do. We aim to implement improved sustainable practice across schools, which is resilient to changes in staffing and leadership.


A local organisation with years of training and solid experience will be ready to take over and fly within the next 2-3 years! Co-Founder of Redearth, Ronnie, explains ”the best outcome is for the founders to become ‘redundant’”…


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