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Better teaching, better learning



Our vision is for all children in the developing world to receive a quality education which unlocks their potential for educational success and future prosperity. The approach that Redearth takes to achieve this is based firmly in grassroots – the continuing professional development of teachers in schools, to create better teaching and better learning.


Will you help us achieve this?


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Developing Good Practice in teaching and learning by providing high quality teacher training.    


Providing motivation for teachers and schools through an Achievement Award to provide a quality standard for teachers and schools to work toward.


Redearth Training Centre where Redearth teachers can access free training, ICT and resources.


Redearth Model Nursery school to embed good practice from the beginning, and support training for nursery practitioners.


Delivering a successful Early Reading program to train teachers in the teaching of reading.


Lead Teachers support all the programmes to achieve a sustained outcome for hand over to the local Ugandan people


Our projects are interlinked and provide a model through which each aspect is supported and enhanced by others.  Estimations are that Redearth’s programs have impacted 50,000 children.

SUSTAINABILITY is key in the work Redearth do.  Founder of Redearth, Ronnie, explains…

”the best outcome is for the Founders to become ‘redundant’…”

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