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Many teachers in Uganda work in a hugely challenging environment, where there is limited access to resources and few opportunties for continued training. They also face classes of up to 200 children!


Most teachers use a didactic style of teaching due to lack of access to internationally accepted, more successful methods of teaching. There are few books related to teaching available and most rural teachers do not have access to the internet. This is a style of hard facts, and right or wrong answers. It values a learner who sits still and listens quietly, passively accepting everything the 'expert' teacher says. Students are required to memorise and repeat facts. There is limited room for interpretation, scintillating thought, opinions or independent problem solving.


Redearth Lead Teacher using learning aids to teach phonics

Developing Good Practice in Teaching & Learning

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in 90 government primary schools

across western Uganda.

Good teachers are at the heart

of every great school.

‘Even in the best equipped schools children will not get good services unless teachers are well trained and motivated.’


- Ritva Reinikka,

Director of Human Development in the World Bank 


Redearth Education's Developing Good Practice in Teaching & Learning Programme aims to improve and sustain learning outcomes in Ugandan schools.


Since 2008 Redearth has trained almost 2,000  teachers in this programme, including Head teachers, and Lead Teachers.


By working to improve teachers' pedagogical knowledge and practice, Redearth Education helps create a positive and engaging learning experience that makes children want to come to school. Helping these children remain in school is crucial to improving their life chances and helping their families escape the cycle of poverty.

Ugandan teacher engaging students with posters Help more children stay in school

Filling classrooms with colour, inspration and knowledge.

Overcrowded classroom in rural Uganda before Redearth training Bare classroom walls prior to Redearth training A rural classroom with a great learning environment Teacher using interactive teaching methods

Redearth Education delivers training to thousands of teachers, enabling schools to transform the physical and emotional learning environment of their classrooms to benefit all pupils.


This includes interactive teaching strategies; creating positive classroom environments using learning aids made from free, locally-sourced materials; positive behaviour management; equality in respect of girls.

The Challenge

IMG_6728 dev good practice 2

A great learning environment with grouped desks, colourful displays and learning aids.

The use of group work activities, in which teachers guide pupils to learn through collaboration, communication and cooperative thinking.

Teachers move away from passive styles of learning to ways of learning that require active participation to enable the development of independent skills.

Educational displays in classrooms used to help stimulate and create pupil interest, and to supplement learning.

Help transform more rural classrooms