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Redearth Education have teamed up with their youngest ever fundraiser, eight-year-old Alana, to launch the Pass it On Challenge!


Together, we are putting young people around the country to the challenge to raise £50 for Redearth Education. Each person is then passing it on to three of their school friends, and putting them to the challenge too!


Every £50 you raise will help 200 children in Uganda stay in school.


Together, we aim to raise £15,000. This will fund the training of 700 teachers and impact the learning of 35,000 children in rural Uganda.



Why get involved?


"Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and couldn't go to school any more. Instead of seeing your friends, you have go out to work so that your parents can buy dinner.


Imagine if you couldn't even understand what this says, because you have never learnt to read!


This is what thousands of children in Uganda experience every single day.


That's why we are challenging YOU to raise £50, so that you can help 200 children right now.


If we ALL Pass It On to our friends, we can help 35,000 children. We can give them a great education, just like yours. We can help them finish school, get a good job and escape poverty forever.


Can you and your friends meet the Challenge? Enter here to find out!"


pass it on

Enter the Pass It On Challenge, and YOUR £50 will help 4 teachers and 200 children in Uganda.


Sign up to the Challenge here


Download your own Pass It On flyers to help you plan your fundraising event and share it with lots of people:


Please Donate flyer


Challenge your Friends flyer


Editable Fundraising Event flyer






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